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"For years, I had been collecting maps,
brochures and photographs of Woman
Lake in northern Minnesota and had a
title: “The Other Woman: A Northern
Minnesota Love Affair.” Then Mary
​ Nilsen came for a visit, armed with her digital Nikon and a bubbling imagination. She liked the idea. “Just dream it into existence,” she kept saying, and photo-graphed a sunset that became the book cover. The book, which had been a dream, came into existence and now has gone into a second printing, with total sales of some 1700 copies. It would never have happened without Mary of Zion Publishing, dreamer, literary midwife, cheerleader, and a good person to work with."   Jim Limburg, Author, The Other Woman: A Northern Minnesota Love Affair  

"Mary Nilsen was God's gift to me, inspiring me not only to finish Mark's work, but to combine it with reflections of my own, which became the memoir I have always wanted to write." 
Sandy Jerstad, Author,  Letters of Love: Sermons and Reflections by Mark and Sandy Jerstad  


"For five or more years,  I struggled to write and publish my memoir, without results. In the summer of 2010, I was introduced to Mary Nilsen. From that moment forward, my work took wings. Guided by Mary's gentle approach, expertise, timely response, and wisdom, my book, published less than three months after my introduction to Mary, became a reality. If you need a professional who knows what to do--editing, advising, publishing at a reasonable cost, contact Mary Nilsen." Delores Brisbon, Author, A Privileged Life: Remembering my Journey
Cover Design  

While you cannot judge a book by its cover, people often ignore books because of their covers. Nilsen works with authors to design a cover that speaks of the author’s content and personality and also invites readers to pick the book up.  

"We needed an appealing title and cover. She brainstormed several title possibilities, and I chose the one I liked best. Then, understanding my love for children, for travel, and my passion for our beautiful country, Mary expertly wove all those elements into the cover.  

    "Mary, a warm, talented professional, takes personal interest is each project. Thanks to Mary and Zion Publishing, Roadtrip: Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places became a reality."              

Layout and Design  


Nilsen takes your MSWord document and transforms it with Creative Suites software into a beautiful, professional-looking book. 

Mary works closely with authors to create a book that goes beyond their expectation and fulfills their dreams.  

"Her artistic design and photo-graph placement helped me create a book that has been in immediate demand and will be a legacy for my family."  

Sandy Jerstad, Author ​

Content Editing  


Do you have a manuscript that is nearing completion and ready for an experienced writer/editor to read it and give you revision suggestions? 

Are you looking for someone who understands and affirms both religion and spirituality? Someone who will help you deepen your thoughts and make more artful your prose? 

Mary Nilsen has helped hundreds of former students and others bring their work to completion. 

Publishing services

​​Is Zion Publishing Right for You? 


* Do you want to work collabora-tively with an editor/designer to make your book what you want it to be? See the endorsements to under-stand how Nilsen works with authors to make their book the most personal and beautiful book possible.  

* Do you want to keep all the rights and profits for your book? If so, then Zion is a good choice.  

* Do you have a built in market for your book? If so, Zion might be right for you. Zion does not market or advise on marketing.  

* Do you have access to a professional copy-editor? Typos of every sort get past the original writer and the content editor. Nilsen can recommend a copy-editor or you are free to make that contract on your own.  

Nilsen, experienced in e-publishing, Print On Demand publishing and print publishing can advise you on the most economical and efficient way to turn your typescript into a paper and/or e-book. Once your decision is made, Nilsen will make it happen. 

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